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Stretch your dollar further...

I am all about getting the most use out of every item.

All of my products have been created to be versatile so that you really get value for money. Every so often we take another look at our products and see how can we make this better, easier, add more value for you as a customer but also as a parent.

I love talking to all of the gorgeous people at the markets we attend and finding out exactly how we can make their life easier - a big one for new parents is swaddling! 

"What happens if baby doesn't like to be swaddled, or it only lasts a month? What do we do with our wrap then?" 



We purposefully made them larger than standard, so not only can they be used for older babies that loved being swaddled, but can be used as blankets, pram covers and for breastfeeding covers.

But what else could we do to "stretch" the dollar further (pun totally intended!)




That’s when it dawned on me - what if there was a way you could recycle those gorgeous swaddles you used for your bubs, into an item of clothing that they could then wear? Imagine how cute it would look with your bub in their newborn wrap and then having that made into their first birthday outfit (for example). Or a beautiful keepsake pillow for their bedroom.




Our swaddle wraps are made to last as we choose suppliers with high quality fabric. We believe this initiative will allow you to fall in love with that print all over again and enjoy your creation for longer.

There are a few different designs to choose from, all at a discounted price.

You simply return your HelenMade swaddle, choose your outfit and we will do the rest!

Check out our options here

I can not wait to be able to create these special outfits for your little ones!


Helen  xx