May Gibbs Nappy Wallet

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There are a millions things to remember to pack when heading out with your newborn.

This all in one wallet means you can just grab one thing and pop is straight into your bag and go!

Not only is it stylish, but it’s slim fit so you don’t need and oversized bag just to fit it in!


  • Waterproof lining for those mishaps 
  • Cushioned lining for hard benches
  • Easy access wipes opening
  • Fits 5 regular or 3 cloth nappies
  • Pocket for your necessities such as nappy cream and hand sanitiser
  • The handle clips right into the pram
  • Extra loop to attach toy to keep your wriggly baby still
  • Zip on the back for easy access to your money/keys


100% Mid weight Cotton/canvas, PUL interior


L - 31cm

H - 60cm opened / 20cm closed

W - approx 7cm folded closed (inc nappies and wipes)